Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh In 2024

Private University in Bangladesh

Deciding where to attend university is one of the most important choices a student can make. This decision will impact career prospects, earning potential, personal growth opportunities, and overall life trajectory. For students considering universities in Bangladesh, the expanding private university sector provides compelling options to consider alongside respected public options.

With over 100 private universities in Bangladesh as of 2024, navigating the choices can feel overwhelming. The top private universities in Bangladesh stand out for their academic rigor, career-focused programs, modern facilities conducive to impactful learning, accomplished faculty, and vision to equip graduates to excel in a rapidly evolving job landscape both locally and globally.

Top 10 Best Private Universities in Bangladesh in 2024

The leading private universities in Bangladesh for 2024 include North South University, BRAC University, American International University – Bangladesh, East West University, United International University, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Independent University Bangladesh, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, University of Asia Pacific, and Stamford University Bangladesh based on factors like academic excellence, research output, graduate outcomes, infrastructure, affordability, and competitiveness.

Rank University Name Website Location
1 North South University Dhaka
2 BRAC University Dhaka
3 American International University – Bangladesh Dhaka, Chittagong
4 East West University Dhaka
5 United International University Dhaka
6 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology Dhaka
7 Independent University, Bangladesh Dhaka
8 University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh Dhaka
9 University of Asia Pacific Dhaka
10 Stamford University Bangladesh Dhaka

FAQs About Top Private Universities in Bangladesh

Q: Which is the first ranking private university in Bangladesh?

A: According to our methodology, North South University is ranked the #1 private university in Bangladesh for 2024. Established in 1992, North South University is considered the leading private university in the country with a large flagship campus in Dhaka. It’s highly regarded for programs in business, economics, engineering, and natural sciences.

Q: How many private universities are in Bangladesh?

A: As of 2024, there are over 100 approved private universities in Bangladesh. The private university sector has expanded rapidly since the Private University Act of 1992 allowed the establishment of private, non-profit institutions.

Q: What percentage of university students in Bangladesh attend private universities?

A: Approximately 35% of all university students in Bangladesh are enrolled in private universities as of 2024. This amounts to about 600,000 students as the private higher education sector continues expanding.

Q: Which private university is best for business programs in Bangladesh?

A: North South University, BRAC University, and United International University are regarded as the top choices for business and economics programs within the private university segment. All offer strong core business concentrations.

Q: Do all private universities offer scholarships in Bangladesh?

A: The majority of reputable private universities offer some scholarships and financial assistance programs based on merit and/or need. However availability and award amounts differ significantly between institutions. Competitiveness also varies.

Q: Can international students study at Bangladesh private universities?

A: Yes, many leading private universities actively welcome both undergraduate and graduate international students to apply. Some offer dedicated application support services and international student scholarships.


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