Complete Guide to UK Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

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Studying internationally delivers life-changing opportunities to gain prestige from a respected degree, greatly enhance your career options, immerse yourself in a new culture, and establish valuable global connections. But for most Bangladeshi students, the astronomical costs make studying in countries like the UK seem entirely impossible without significant funding support.

Thankfully, universities and external scholarship bodies across Britain offer awards specifically aimed at high-achieving Bangladeshi students to completely cover tuition fees and living expenses for bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate qualifications. Securing one of these competitive scholarships to study in the UK as a Bangladeshi student unlocks affordable access to world-leading education and global opportunities after graduation.

In this guide breaks down everything you need to know to discover and obtain scholarships in the UK as a Bangladeshi applicant. Let’s explore the incredible funding opportunities waiting and gain insights to position yourself as the exemplary candidate UK universities and external funders want to invest in.

Why Study in the UK and Common Concerns

Pursuing higher education in the UK as a Bangladeshi student offers immense value beyond just gaining an esteemed internationally-recognized qualification. Graduates earn the prestige associated with studying at some of the world’s top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and Imperial College London, ranked foremost for global employability and research excellence.

With over 50,000 courses available across more than 390 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland suiting every specialization, you can match world-class programs to your interests and career goals. 

Whether seeking specialized degrees in engineering, business, technology, creative arts or humanities and social sciences, UK universities’ innovative teaching, practical focus, and industry connections equip graduates with cutting-edge abilities.

The UK’s unique culture blending modern metropolitan hubs like London with history-rich towns across the countryside also provides a life-enhancing student experience and valuable transferable skills. And the country’s post-study work visa makes careers development after finishing degrees accessible within a multicultural environment.

However, despite these study abroad advantages, many Bangladeshi students understandably worry that living costs, fierce competition for placements, visa barriers and homesickness may make embarking on UK higher education daunting. But through proper planning, an open mindset and crucially, securing full financial aid, these concerns fade. Let’s explore common questions and reassuring answers.

Won’t studying in the UK be too expensive?

For Bangladeshis studying overseas without funding, UK costs for tuition, accommodation, food, transport, etc, adding up to £24,000+ annually often deter applicants. Thankfully, full scholarships for Bangladeshis wanting to study in the UK covering everything make otherwise unaffordable degrees into funded possibilities. We will explore the options shortly.

How competitive is gaining admission as a Bangladeshi?

With 200,000+ international applicants competing annually for limited UK university seats, entry seems immensely selective. But Bangladeshi acceptance rates are encouragingly high, with 9000+ enrolled yearly aided by historical Commonwealth ties. Distinguishing yourself through strong academics, test scores, references and interview preparation remains vital too.

Can Bangladeshis secure UK student visas?

By evidencing university acceptances, English ability, financial support and intentions to leave post-study, over 90% of Bangladeshi applicants succeed in getting UK study visas. Preparation programs can further aid visa applications.

Won’t I feel isolating and homesick?

Leaving beloved Bangladesh understandably seems daunting. But welcoming diverse university communities allow forging global connections while groups like the British Bangladeshi Student Association give cultural familiarity, ensuring an immersive, enriching UK student life.

Full UK Scholarships Open to Bangladeshis

While numerous partial awards from universities and external providers allow Bangladeshis to fund portions of UK study costs, full scholarships covering all tuition and living expenses unlock the most affordable access. Highly prestigious and competitive, these exclusive opportunities require extensive effort perfecting applications, but enable life-changing funded study globally. Let’s explore prime options:

Chevening Scholarships

Funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCD) and partner organizations, Chevening Awards represent the British government’s flagship international scholarship program. Offering full financial support for one-year postgraduate degrees at any UK university, they equip outstanding professionals to become influencers in their fields. Ideal for public policy, politics, technology, law, business and media focused applicants.

Eligibility: Bangladeshi citizens with bachelor’s degrees and at least two years relevant work experience. Requires endorsement from a UK embassy/high commission contact.

Funding: Covers airfares, tuition fees, monthly stipend for room/board

Competitiveness: Highly selective with <1% win rate. Extensive application preparation vital.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Awarded to citizens of developing Commonwealth nations, these scholarships are offered for pursuing master’s and PhD study in the UK within fields enabling socio-economic growth back home. Jointly funded by UK universities. Ideal for research focused academics and professionals.

Eligibility: Bangladeshi citizens with bachelor’s degrees and potentially work experience per specific scholarship

Funding: Covers airfares, full tuition fees, thesis grants, stipends, more

Competitiveness: Strong competition with 5% win rate. Prestigious, career-advancing opportunity

Rhodes Scholarships

The world’s most prestigious award enabling outstanding students from Commonwealth, China and beyond to undertake postgraduate degrees at Oxford University. Highly accolade enhancing and leadership focused.

Eligibility: Bangladeshi citizens aged 19-25 with excellent bachelor’s degree record

Funding: Covers all tuition and college fees, airfares, personal stipends

Competitiveness: Extremely selective with <1% win rate. Robust application and interview preparation critical.

Added options like the Developing Country Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, and British Council Scholarships cater to Bangladeshis across study areas, qualifications levels and backgrounds too. Guaranteeing full funding support makes committing to study in the UK simple despite high costs.

Partial Scholarships and Other Funding Support

While securing elusive and competitive full ride options opens affordable UK study access for Bangladeshis, most applicants actually utilize a patchwork of partial scholarships, loans, self-funding and part-time work to cover costs.

Never assume scholarships are unattainable without trying. Strategically targeting awards suited to your academic program area, background, talents and career goals can reap dividends. Undergraduate and postgraduate applicants alike should extensively research options, assessing win rates and entry criteria to judge viability.

Here are some common partial awards Bangladeshi applicants leverage:

University Scholarships

  • Merit, athletic and access-focused awards directly from UK universities
  • Covers 25-50% of tuition fees usually, stipulations apply

External Student Loans

  • Bangladesh banks, UK Student Loans Company and global non-profits
  • Low interest rates, long repayment periods, no pre-existing credit needed


  • Personal savings, family support, property sales
  • Proof of minimum £9,207 yearly maintenance funds for Tier 4 visa

Part-Time Work

  • UK student visas allow 20 hours weekly part-time work
  • Helps offset living costs if used strategically

Getting creative, diversifying income sources, applying widely for funding stacks the odds of making UK university study reality on limited budgets for Bangladeshis. Support exists to enable your goals if truly determined.

How to Submit a Strong Scholarship Application

With extensive Bangladeshi competition for limited UK scholarship spots, perfecting every application component maximizes your funding chances. These key tips help your hard work and achievements shine:

  1. Comprehensive Resume/CV

Showcasing academic excellence, professional accomplishments and international exposure builds an impressive applicant profile. Tailor to relevant scholarship criteria.

  1. Well-Evident Personal Statement

Articulating career motivations, UK study rationales and leadership potential through vivid storytelling persuades reviewers. Highlight extras like publications and prizes too.

  1. Strong References/Recommendations

Endorsements from professors, employers and UK embassy contacts validate capacities and development impact goals.

  1. Language Test Scores

Verifying English proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL etc is compulsory for UK admissions and visas. Scores determine available programs.

  1. Interview Preparation

Many scholarships require final interview stages. Practicing common questions and articulating key messages polished any nerves.

Gaining valuable feedback from scholarship advisors, academics and prior recipients enables submitting an application truly maximizing your potential. With a structured approach, Bangladeshis can make winning these life-changing UK scholarships reality.


The prospect of obtaining prestigious funded degrees from world-leading UK universities empowers Bangladeshi students to enhance global opportunities, attain internationally recognized qualifications and ignite personal growth. Yet fully realizing this dream relies on securing elusive scholarships in the UK as Bangladeshi applicants to enable affording the often prohibitive costs.

By understanding all funding options from full UK government and university scholarships to partial bursaries and lateral solutions, students can strategize customized financial packages.

Meticulously preparing submissions, maximizing academic profiles, seeking expert guidance and demonstrating your impressive competencies and ambitions to reviewers separates your candidacy.

With dedication and perserverance, Bangladeshi students from diverse backgrounds can absolutely win these life-changing UK scholarships against fierce competition. The resources now exist here to start your rewarding journey to coveted acceptance letters offering the gift of funded further education at your choice of exceptional British institutions. Research options diligently, craft excellence applications and manifest destiny when that crowning phone call or email arrives announcing your status as a future UK scholar!


Q: How competitive are UK scholarships for Bangladeshis?

A: Competition is extremely high, with thousands of qualified Bangladeshi applicants vying for very limited scholarship spots each admission cycle. Full scholarship award rates are often under 5%. Robust preparation and targeting multiple options aids chances.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria?

A: Criteria differs but most require Bangladeshi citizenship, minimum bachelor’s degrees, English proficiency, glowing references, and clear post-study impact goals. Work experience rules vary. Undergraduate and master’s students predominantly awarded.

Q: What costs do these scholarships cover?

A: Full ride options like Chevening and Rhodes cover all tuition fees, healthcare surcharges, flights, living stipends, thesis/research grants and more. Partial awards help subsidize portions of tuition and expenses.

Q: When should I apply for UK scholarships?

A: Application windows normally open 9-12 months before academic session start dates. Early research and preparation is key. Check individual scholarships for precise deadlines each cycle.

Q: How do I strengthen my scholarship application?

A: Focus on highlighting academic excellence, professional experience, leadership attributes, UK study rationales and post-study development impact goals Bangladesh through vivid examples and endorser testimonials.

Q: What documents do I need to apply?

A: Typical documents are CVs, transcripts, diplomas, test scores, references, essays and previous UK visa refusals if applicable. Verify specific requirements per scholarship.

Ask any unanswered questions by connecting with the awarding body. And leverage campus advisors, scholarship consultants and student groups for application guidance too!

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