Complete Guide to Honours Admission in Bangladesh 2024

Honours Admission

Getting admission into a good honours program at one of the top universities in Bangladesh is a goal for many students after passing their higher secondary school exams. With growing competition every year and limited seats available, getting into popular honours disciplines can be tremendously difficult without proper guidance on navigating the admission processes.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about successfully getting into honours programs across Bangladesh’s public and private universities. Whether you want to get into an engineering or medical honours program at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, or a business or English program honours at North South University, this guide has got you covered step-by-step. Let’s start learn all the intricacies of competitive honours admission in Bangladesh!

Important Exams for Honours Admission

Gaining admission into honours programs requires meeting certain exam and test score requirements that vary across public and private universities. The key standardized tests used for assessing applicants and determining eligibility include:

Your Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exam performance carries the most weight in public university admissions. For popular honours disciplines, you need really high grades in relevant subjects for your major along with good cumulative grade point average scores to qualify and be competitive enough for available merit seats. 

Additionally, almost all top ranked universities have their own admission tests ranging from written exams to interviews to standardized tests to determine admission eligibility. Unfortunately, HSC results alone are rarely ever enough even for less competitive honours programs without solid university admission test performance. Examples of admission tests include Dhaka University ‘Ka’ unit test, BUET admission test, Jahangirnagar University admission test, and North South University Admission test. These tests evaluate critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, subject competency and other attributes. Proper coaching helps maximize scores.

With both standardized public exam results and university-specific admission test thresholds, the path to honours admission is challenging. Excellent, well-rounded preparation across both these testing fronts is required for achieving your target seat.

Public University Honours Admission

Public universities offer some of the most prestigious and affordable honours programs in Bangladesh funded heavily by the government. 

Top picks like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University and Chittagong University see intense competition for limited seats.

The application process involves:

  • Registering online or submitting physical forms
  • Providing HSC transcripts, certificate copies
  • Paying small processing fees
  • Indicating major honours preference plus alternative choices
  • Appearing for designated admission test if required

Bangladesh implements a quota system for public university spots reserving seats for minorities and individuals from less privileged regions. The key quotas include 30% general merit, 30% female merit, 10% district quota, 15% freedom fighters/family quota, 5% indigenous quota and remaining other quotas. 

When admission results publish, there are separate merit lists based on meeting minimum requirements and quota rules. Typically multiple merit lists publish as waitlists if seats remain vacant.

Admission success depends chiefly on your HSC GPA scores, quota advantage if applicable, and admission test performance. For the most selective honours programs like Dhaka University Business Studies or Jahangirnagar University CSE Engineering, you need outstanding admission test scores with nearly perfect HSC Marks to qualify for merit seats as competition has intensified drastically. Setting realistic target universities based on your scores is important before applying.

Private University Honours Admission

Apart from public universities, Bangladesh has a thriving private university sector with incredible honours programs across leading institutions like North South University, Brac University and American International University Bangladesh (AIUB).

Some benefits of private university honours admission include:

  • More flexible entry paths beyond just merit seats
  • Increased seats and capacities for accommodating more enrolled students
  • Better campus infrastructure and modern academic facilities
  • Strong industry connections and career support services

Notable private university honours disciplines include North South University for business studies, Brac University for computer science and engineering, and AIUB for English and media programs.

Unlike public universities, many reputed private institutions offer partial to full scholarships for deserving high achieving applicants which helps lower financial barriers to quality honours education. 

Need-based scholarships, academic scholarships for test scores, sports scholarships and more exist. Hence, exploring financial aid options is worthwhile.

While private universities are more expensive than public options, the educational experience, career opportunities and flexibility for working professionals make them enticing honours destinations for those that can afford or obtain funding assistance.

Popular Honours Subjects in Bangladesh

Honours Admission In Bangladesh

When it comes to deciding which honours program you want to apply for, it’s important to understand which subjects are most popular and have good career prospects in Bangladesh. 

While your own interests are important, being pragmatic regarding demand, competition, and job opportunities for certain honours majors is helpful.

Some of the most popular disciplines students apply for in honours admission across top public and private universities include:

  • Business Education Honours: Programs like BBA, MBA, Accounting, Finance, Marketing are hugely popular given commercial roles. Universities like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, and North South University see high application rates for business honours.
  • Engineering Honours: Bangladesh has many strong engineering universities and colleges offering honours in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering etc. Top picks include BUET, Dhaka University, and Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).
  • Medical Honours: Medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and related health sciences honours programs have consistently high levels of applications every year at public schools like Dhaka University, Chittagong University and Bangladesh University. Competition is intense for limited medical college seats.

Other notable popular subjects include:

  • English Honours
  • Economics Honours
  • Media Studies & Mass Communication Honours
  • Law Honours

When researching universities and programs, use ranking sites to shortlist honours disciplines that align with your interests and have good department ratings, faculty, and job prospects after graduation.

Tips to Improve Your Chances To Honours Admission

With rising competition, what else can you do to maximize your probability of success for the honours program of your dreams? Here are proven suggestions:

Start Preparing Early – From as early as Grade 8, work hard to excel in JSC and build a solid base for good SSC and HSC results essential for public university eligibility. Take additional math, English and exam prep courses.

Have Backup Options – Rank your target universities and always apply to multiple safe, mid and ambitious choices based on your scores. Don’t risk everything on just one top public university.

Admission Test Coaching – Invest time and effort into specialized university test coaching starting months before deadlines. Every extra bit helps, especially for English, math, analytical skills.

Draft Stellar Applications – Ensure your admission application highlights all key achievements, extracurricular activities, and includes strongly written essays or statements of purpose catered to disciplines applied.

Financial Planning – Research early and prepare financially through savings or scholarships if aiming for reputed private universities. Account for tuition fees, living costs and budget diligently.

With strategic planning, persistence and passion for your selected honours domain, your hard work will pay dividends through admission success!


Getting into competitive honours programs at leading Bangladeshi universities can feel extremely difficult, but is achievable through diligent preparation, meeting testing benchmarks, researching all your options, having backups, and presenting the best application possible.

With public university seats highly limited based on preset quota calculations, widening your options by exploring reputed private university offerings also significantly improves overall admission probability where funding permits. Their flexible entry policies, financial aid and industry placement services provide a world-class honours education.

I hope this guide has helped you grasp the full landscape related to honours admission system in Bangladesh – from most popular and rising majors to go for, key exams impacting your eligibility, public versus private university tradeoffs, scholarship opportunities and actionable tips to better your chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum GPA requirement for public university honours admission?

A: The minimum GPA requirement can range from 3.5 to upwards of 4.0 or higher for the most selective honours programs at top ranked public universities like Dhaka University or Jahangirnagar University. For less competitive disciplines, the bar may be lower at a 3.25 or 3.5 GPA.

Q: Which subjects should I take in HSC for my target honours program?

A: Aim for subjects directly relevant to your honours major of interest – for example business studies or economics courses for pursuing a business degree, physics, math, chemistry and biology for engineering and health sciences degrees.

Q: How much do private university honours programs approximately cost in Bangladesh?

A: Costs vary but most notable private universities charge between 400,000 to 1,500,000 BDT for full honours degree including tuition and additional fees. However, scholarships can cover 25% to 100% tuition costs.

Q: Should I consider universities abroad for honours programs?

A: Yes, exploring countries like UK, Canada, Australia and Malaysia for world-class honours degrees is worthwhile given Bangladesh’s highly competitive limited domestic seats – just research budgets and availability of international scholarships in advance. contact us for free consultation.

Q: What types of extracurricular activities boost honours admission chances?

A: Consistent involvement in national/international competitions like debate contests, sports championships, Model United Nations conferences, science fairs etc demonstrated through awards and leadership roles can improve public and private university chances.

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