Top 10 Finland University for International Students in 2024

Finland University

Over the last decade, Finland has become an increasingly popular study abroad destination for international students looking for a high-quality education. With tuition-free universities, innovative academic programs taught in English, and a peaceful environment with a high quality of life, Finland offers international students an appealing place to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

This definitive guide explores the 10 best universities in Finland for international students. Whether you’re researching the top computer science schools in Finland or comparing your options for engineering and technology universities, this list has got you covered.

Top 10 Finland Universities for International Students

Here are the top 10 Finland Universities for international Students in 2024. These have many international students across the world.


SL University Website Location
1 University of Helsinki Helsinki
2 Aalto University Espoo
3 University of Tampere Tampere
4 University of Oulu Oulu
5 University of Jyväskylä Jyväskylä
6 University of Eastern Finland Joensuu
7 Tampere University of Technology Tampere
8 LUT University Lappeenranta
9 University of Turku Turku
10 University of Lapland Rovaniemi

Why Study as an International Student in Finland?

There are many excellent reasons to consider Finland as your study abroad destination. Here are some of the top benefits:

No Application Fees

Applying to universities in Finland is completely free even as an international student. You do not have to pay any application or processing fees when you submit your application. This removes a financial barrier for students.

Tuition-Free Education

At Finnish universities, local and international students pay no tuition fees. Only a small administrative student union fee of around €100 per academic year is due. This makes a Finnish degree extremely affordable.

Programs Taught Completely in English

Many international degree programs across disciplines are instructed entirely in English by professors. This includes fields like computer science, business, engineering, and healthcare degrees popular with international students.

Peaceful Environment and High Quality of Life

Finland is known for its stable society, safety, developed infrastructure, environmental beauty, and overall exceptional quality of life. These make it an appealing place for international students to live and study abroad comfortably.

Cutting-Edge Research Integrated into Academics

As a leader in innovation and technology, studies integrate the latest research into degree programs. Students gain future-focused skills at Finland’s universities consistently ranked among the best globally.

With benefits like no fees, English instruction, peaceful lifestyle, developed infrastructure and innovation focus, Finland delivers outstanding value for international students. Next, let’s explore the top university options.


Finland presents an exceptional destination for international students looking for a quality overseas education – with the added benefits of affordable tuition costs and reputable universities offering cutting-edge degrees completely in English.

From the cultured capital city life in places like Helsinki and Tampere to opportunities to experience Finnish winter in northern cities like Rovaniemi, international students in Finland can blend academics with vibrant student communities and easy access to urban or natural adventures.

FAQs on Studying in Finland as an International Student

Q: What is the cost of studying in Finland?

The tuition is completely free for Finnish university degree programs, even for international students from outside the EU/EEA. Some minor student union administrative fees of around €100 per academic year exist.

However, living costs and health insurance expenses in Finland will total about €700-1000 on average per month minimum. Remember this when budgeting expenses.

Q: Which universities are best for computer science or engineering?

The University of Helsinki and Aalto University rank highest in computer science and information technology degrees according to global rankings.

For engineering, Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology are excellent choices known for programs in fields like electrical, biomedical, automation, mechanical and civil engineering.

Q: Do I need to speak Finnish?

You do not need know Finnish language since many degrees offered by Finnish universities are fully instructed in English. Of course learning basics like greetings can help you integrate better locally.

Q: Can I work while studying as an international student?

Yes, international students can take up part-time work for about 25 hours a week with some restrictions around full-time hours during summer holidays or breaks. This helps cover living expenses but isn’t guaranteed income.

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