Study in Finland from Bangladesh: A Complete Guide In 2024

Study in Finland

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for yourself in a new culture and education system. As a Bangladeshi student, you have likely considered potential study destinations like the United States, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom. However, Finland presents a less obvious yet highly appealing study abroad option.

Known for innovative education, Finland offers high-quality universities, cutting-edge research, and tuition-free degree programs fully taught in English. Top-ranked colleges like the University of Helsinki and Aalto University attract thousands of international students each year.

For Bangladeshi students, Finland provides a chance to earn a world-class, globally respected education and degree at an affordable cost. You can study various programs in fields like information technology, computer science, engineering and more while experiencing the natural beauty and intrigue of Northern Europe.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know as a Bangladeshi student for studying in Finland – from application requirements and timelines to costs, visas, scholarships and student life. Let’s explore why Finland should be your top study abroad destination and how to make it happen.

Why Study in Finland as a Student from Bangladesh?

There are many excellent reasons Bangladeshi students should consider Finland for higher education and their study abroad aspirations:

High-Quality Education System

Finland consistently ranks among the world’s best education systems and tops charts in Europe. Finnish institutions are well-funded and at the forefront of pedagogical innovation. You’ll enjoy small class sizes and interactive, student-centered learning. Professors have cutting-edge expertise.

The country also ranks #1 for innovation, giving graduates enviable skills. Students develop creativity, collaboration skills and the ability to solve complex, real-world problems.

World-Class Universities

Finland punches well above its weight class for education. All Finnish universities rank among the top 500 globally, with 13 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. The University of Helsinki and Aalto University rank in the top 100. Study computer science, engineering or business at a highly respected college.

Innovative Learning Approaches

In contrast to old-fashioned rote memorization, Finland’s programs emphasize new models like project-based and collaborative learning. There is considerable autonomy – you learn how to think critically. Classrooms also utilize the latest technology.

Wide Range of English-Taught Programs

Thousands of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs across Finnish universities are fully taught in English catering to international students. This includes popular fields like technology, business, computer science and engineering. Those with sufficient Finnish language abilities also have domestic options.

Tuition-Free Education Options

Unlike many countries, public university tuition in Finland is free for students from EU/EEA countries. For Bangladeshi students, most bachelor’s and master’s degrees have affordable annual tuition under €15,000 – very low prices compared to other study destinations. Some scholarships are also available to lower costs.

Requirements to Study in Finland from Bangladesh

As a Bangladeshi student looking to study in Finland, you must meet a set of requirements for admission along with getting your student residence permit and visa. Key criteria include:

Meet Language Requirements

For English-taught programs, students need to demonstrate strong English abilities on TOEFL or IELTS tests:

  • TOEFL iBT – at least 79-80
  • IELTS – minimum band 6.5 overall

Some universities may need even higher scores.checking individual requirements with plenty of time to retake tests if needed.

Have Eligible Academic Background

Each program sets specific academic prerequisites you must meet to qualify for admission as an international student. Common items include:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates showing grades/scores
  • Relevant subjects background from previous studies
  • Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programs
  • Meeting a GPA cutoff if set

Sufficient Funds to Support Studies

To get a student residence permit, you must prove access to sufficient funds to cover your cost of living and studies for the duration of the degree program. This equates to about €620 per month minimum.

Savings, scholarships, education loans, parental support and part-time work during studies can help meet the amount.

Valid Passport

Having a valid passport in good condition is naturally essential too. Make sure yours will not expire for at least another year by the time your studies complete.

Popular Universities & Programs for Bangladeshi Students

There are several top quality universities and degree programs in Finland that tend to attract Bangladeshi international students:

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is ranked #56 in the QS World Rankings 2022, making it the highest globally ranked university in Finland. Over 300 programs cater to 35,000 students with a highly international student body. English-taught options range from humanities and social sciences to more technical fields.

Aalto University

Specializing in technology, business and design, Aalto University offers strong programs aligning with key industries in Finland. With its #114 QS ranking and innovative spirit, it has 20% international enrollment across bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

University of Turku

Located in southern Finland, the University of Turku is over 100 years old with a current student population around 20,000. Bangladeshi students often study programs in economics, biochemistry, technology, computing and healthcare fields.

Technical Universities

Several specialized technical schools teach highly employable engineering and technology skills like Tampere University, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology and Åbo Akademi University.

Business, IT and Engineering Popular Programs

Bangladeshi students commonly study master’s degrees within business administration, economics, computer science, information technology/systems and various engineering specialties in Finland due to strong employment outlooks.

Admission Process Timeline Overview

Planning ahead and understanding the full application timeline helps ensure Bangladeshi students submit complete, timely applications to their desired programs and institutions:

Research Universities and Programs

Ideally 12+ months beforehand, thoroughly research all program/university options available. Shortlist favorites that best match academic interests and career aspirations with enough English-taught programs on bachelor’s or master’s levels.

Take Language Tests – TOEFL/IELTS

At least 6-12 months before application deadlines, register to take and prepare for English proficiency exams like TOEFL or IELTS. Score reports can take up to 8 weeks to be available. Retakes are possible if your score falls below requirements.

Submit Online Application and Required Documents

In January-March for fall semester start, submit the online application through university portals. Upload all required academic documents and test scores as outlined in admission guidelines. Each program page details prerequisites and supplemental application components. If you need help you can always contact UniEducation for application assistance.

Wait for Decision (takes 1-3 months)

Universities take 1-3 months to render admissions decisions and mail notification letters. Accepted students get their letter of admission with next steps.

Accept Offer and Apply for Student Residence Permit

To formally enroll, carefully follow the university’s admissions letter instructions to accept your place, which often means paying the tuition deposit. Then with the acceptance letter, promptly  apply for your residence permit. This can take up to a month.

Cost of Studying & Living Expenses

Finland is known as one of the world’s most affordable study destinations in Europe thanks to its low tuition fees and reasonable living costs:

Tuition Fees – Free or Under €15,000 Per Year

At public universities, European Union / EEA residents enroll for free. For international students, most bachelor’s and master’s degrees have annual tuition fees priced under €15,000 per year – hugely lower than many other countries. Budget €12,000-15,000 on average.

Living Expenses – €800-1000 Per Month

While studying in Finland, students require about €800-€1000 a month for basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, healthcare, entertainment and other living expenses. Rent typically constitutes the largest required monthly outlay. Overall costs are lower outside the bigger cities like Helsinki.

Books, Supplies, Health Insurance – Extra Costs

On top of ordinary living expenses, budget for other academic costs:

  • Estimated €150-300 per year on books/supplies
  • Health insurance costs €30-80 monthly. Finland has high quality insurance required of students.

So in total for living plus education, budget €13,000-16,000 annually as an international student from Bangladesh.

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

Scholarships make achieving a Finnish education more affordable by covering some costs of tuition, living expenses, travel, etc. Options open to Bangladeshi applicants include:

Finnish Government Scholarships

The Finnish government offers scholarships for international students through the Study in Finland initiative. These extremely competitive full scholarships cover living costs and full tuition.

University-Based Scholarships

Many Finnish universities like the University of Helsinki and Aalto University provide scholarships and financial aid funded by private donors, foundations and industry partners. Award amounts vary by school.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees

The EU’s Erasmus program has funded scholarships for Bangladeshi students to enroll in affiliated joint international master degree programs at European institutions without paying tuition. Includes monthly stipend.

Pursuing every possible scholarship and grant enables Bangladeshi students to more easily achieve their study abroad aspirations in Finland. Smaller student-specific awards can combine to add significant financial help too.

Accommodation Options in Finland

Finding suitable housing is an important task for Bangladeshi students planning their move to study in Finland. Typical accommodation options include:

Student Dormitories

Many Finnish universities offer affordable dormitory housing either on campus or nearby specifically for enrolled students. Shared flats with communal kitchens cost around €200-350 monthly based on the city, amenities and number of flatmates. Applying early ensures availability.

Shared Apartments

Privately rented shared apartments with other students are also common if university dorms are full. Websites like HOAS connect students to available shared flats advertised by current tenants. Shared houses average €350 per occupant monthly.

Private Rental Apartments

Some students also seek small private studio or 1-bedroom flats for more independence, albeit at higher rents around €500+ monthly. Use rental listing sites to directly find private landlords willing to rent to students. Signing longer 12-month leases can secure better deals.

Student Visa Application Process & Requirements

For stays over 90 days, Bangladeshi citizens need a student residence permit for entering and studying in Finland:

Apply at Finnish Embassy in Bangladesh

Apply in-person at your nearest Finnish embassy in Dhaka or Chittagong 4 months ahead of studies. Bring all required documents. Most decisions take 1-3 months.

Show Proof of Acceptance from University

As discussed in the admission section, accepted students receive a letter of admission from their chosen Finnish university to include in their student residence permit application.

Show Proof of Funds – Minimum €620 Per Month

Bank statements or funding award letters must show the applicant has sufficient funds to support studies and living costs. Requirement is minimum €620 monthly.

Health Insurance

Get global student health insurance valid in Finland for coverage duration meeting government standards.

Valid Passport

Naturally, your passport must be valid through the entire period of studying in Finland.

Securing the residence permit in a timely manner ensures Bangladeshi students can arrive and enroll for classes on schedule.

Working While Studying in Finland

For students seeking ways to offset costs, getting a part-time job while studying in Finland serves as an excellent option thanks to excellent worker protections. Opportunities include:

On-Campus Jobs Available

Many universities hire students for positions in roles like IT support, research assistants, library assistants or cafeteria workers. These provide a convenient source of income from right on university grounds.

Can Work 25 Hours Per Week with Student Residence Permit

The student residence permit allows part-time work up to 25 hours a week alongside studies. Popular roles for students include bartenders, wait staff, retail sales associates, rideshare drivers or entertainment venues.

Full-Time Work Options During Holidays

Long summer and winter breaks offer months of time off from classes when Bangladeshi students can ramp up work hours temporarily. Seasonal jobs in industries like tourism, hospitality or constructions often seek summer staff.

Gaining Finland’s valuable work experience builds the career foundations and networks for landing great jobs after graduation. Plus students earn funds helping cover day-to-day costs and tuition.

Top Things to Do as a Student in Finland

Finland Student

Beyond their actual studies and academics, Finland offers Bangladeshi international students memorable lifetime experiences through:

Experience Northern Lights

Witnessing the magical Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dance across Lapland’s night skies makes an unforgettable bucket list memory. Schedule winter break travel to Finnish Lapland to potentially glimpse the celestial light show.

Visit Helsinki and Other Cities

Vibrant urban centers like capital Helsinki, Tampere and Turku allow exploring Finland’s culture, food, museums (like design hub Design Museum), events and famous sauna tradition.

Make Finnish Friends

Finns are reserved at first but warm up to become wonderful friends. Bond with Finns and fellow international students through your university’s clubs, sports teams, social mixers and organizations.

Join Student Organizations

Finnish universities facilitate rich social lives through diverse student-run societies from political clubs to dance troupes and musical ensembles. It’s easy making new social connections.

Explore Beautiful Nature – Lakes, Forests

From the Northern Lights above to endless pristine forests and over 180,000 lakes below, Finland’s raw natural beauty creates unlimited outdoor adventure. Try national parks, hiking, boating, fishing, skiing and wildlife spotting.


Finland presents Bangladeshi students an affordable yet high caliber education option compared to better-known study abroad destinations. From distinguished universities with pioneering research and teaching to vibrant international student communities, Finland checks every box.

Gaining a Finnish academic degree Plants the career seeds for thriving in today’s globalized economy while experiencing Northern Europe’s celebrated natural wonders. Following this guide’s application timeline ensures Bangladeshi students eagerly embarking on study abroad successfully join the ranks of Finland’s esteemed international student community.

FAQs: Studying in Finland from Bangladesh

Q: What are admission requirements for Bangladeshi students?

A: You must meet Finnish universities’ eligibility criteria like English language test scores, previous academics, any graduate exam performance requirements, etc. Each program sets specific prerequisites.

Q: How much does it cost to study in Finland from Bangladesh?

A: With reasonable living costs and low tuition fees at public universities, total student budgets range €13,000-16,000 annually for bachelor’s or master’s degree-seeking students once you calculate tuition, basic living costs, health insurance, etc.

Q: What types of scholarships help fund studies?

A: Scholarship options include selective Finland government scholarships covering tuition plus living stipends along with university-specific scholarships and EU Erasmus Mundus program joint master’s degrees grants.

Q: Do I need a student visa?

A: Yes, to study in Finland for over 90 days, Bangladeshi students must get accepted into their academic program first, then apply for and obtain a residence permit serving as their student immigration visa from Finnish embassies in Bangladesh.

Q: Can international students work?

A: Yes! Student residence permits allow working part-time up to 25 hours weekly alongside studies. Numerous on-campus student jobs and roles with Finnish companies readily hire international talent.

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