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Maximising Students' Chances for UK University Admission

We understand that many local, EU and international students are unfamiliar with the UK education system and face difficulties navigating the UK university admission process. To address this issue, we have established partnerships with more than 100 universities in the UK and offer guidance and support to all our students who wish to pursue a university course in the UK. Our team of educational agents provides expert advice and helps students gain a clear understanding of the UK university admission process. We strive to ensure students have the best chance of success in their university applications.

What is included in our free service?

We aim to maximise your opportunity to get admission to a top UK university and the rest of the services – all are included in our FREE Admission Service:

Consultation and Evaluation

  • A consultation of 45 to 60 minutes with an expert student agent
  • An evaluation of your qualifications for a desired university entry requirements
  • Analysis of your career aspiration, current skills and other requirements

University Recommendations and Application Support

  • Multiple universities that provide your chosen course
  • A list of the document required to make the application
  • Advice for the preparation of the documents
  • An additional consultation if you are requiring submitting a portfolio or other documents

Financial Aid and Support

  • Advice and assistance for Student loans
  • Assistance and support throughout until the enrolment