Top 10 Best Courses to Study in Finland from Nigeria in 2024

Best Courses to Study in Finland from Nigeria

Studying abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience for any student looking to expand their horizons. As one of the top destinations for higher education in Europe, Finland offers a high quality of education, innovative research opportunities, and an excellent standard of living. For Nigerian students considering studying abroad, Finland presents an appealing option.

With world-class universities, English-taught degree programs, and tuition-free education for students from EU/EEA countries, Finland has become an increasingly popular study destination for Nigerians in recent years. In addition to quality education, Finland also provides an opportunity to experience a new culture and way of life. Nigerian students can benefit from Finland’s safe and stable society, cultural diversity, and high standard of living.

For Nigerians looking to study in Finland, there are a wealth of degree options to choose from. When researching the best courses to study, it is important to consider your academic strengths and interests as well as career aspirations. Although tuition is free for students from EU/EEA countries, Nigeria is not included, so international students will need to pay tuition fees. However, there are scholarship opportunities available.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know as a Nigerian student considering studying in Finland. We will explore the top courses, universities, application process, scholarships, and career prospects after graduation. Let’s dive in!

Why Study in Finland from Nigeria?

There are many excellent reasons for Nigerian students to consider pursuing their studies in Finland. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • High-Quality Education and World-Class Universities: Finnish universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world in academic excellence and research. Education is a top priority in Finland with high educational standards. Nigerian students can obtain globally recognized and respected degrees.
  • Opportunity to Study in English: Hundreds of degree programs at Finnish universities are offered fully in English making it an ideal destination for Nigerians. This includes programs at all levels – bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD.
  • Affordable Cost: Although tuition fees apply for non-EU/EEA students, the costs of studying and living in Finland are still lower than other popular study abroad destinations. Average tuition is between €10,000-15,000 per year.
  • High Standard of Living: Finland offers an excellent quality of life with world-class healthcare, low crime rates, and stable economy and politics. Nigerian students can focus on their academics while enjoying Finland’s high standard of living.
  • Cultural Diversity: With a culturally diverse population, Finland provides an opportunity to meet students from around the world. The country also has a vibrant international student social scene.
  • Easier Student Visa Process: The student visa process for Nigerians to study in Finland is straightforward compared to other European countries or the USA. Requirements are reasonable.

Studying in Finland offers Nigerian students world-class education and experiences. From Helsinki to Oulu, excellent universities and an enriching lifestyle await.

Top 10 Courses to Study in Finland from Nigeria

Course Overview Top Universities Application Process
Computer Science Computer science degrees focus on software engineering, programming, data science, AI, cybersecurity, and more. Finland is known for tech innovation. Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Oulu Admissions based on grades, English proficiency, entrance exams.Tuition fees: €10,000-€18,000/year. Scholarships available.
Engineering Engineering degrees cover majors like mechanical, chemical, electrical, biomedical, environmental, and industrial engineering. Aalto University, Tampere University, Åbo Akademi University Admissions based on grades, English test scores, mathematics exam.Tuition fees: €10,000-€15,000/year. Scholarships available.
Business and Management Degrees in business administration, marketing, HR, accounting, finance, logistics, and more. Focus on international business. Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, Tampere University Admissions based on grades, English proficiency, GMAT optional.Tuition fees: €10,000-€15,000/year. Scholarships available.
Medicine Medical degrees to become a licensed doctor or conduct medical research. Offered in English. University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, University of Eastern Finland Very competitive. Admissions based on high grades, entrance exam, English test.Tuition fees: €13,000-€18,000/year. Some scholarships.
Nursing Get a BSc in Nursing. Develop clinical nursing skills. Can specialize later. Turku University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University, Arcada University Admissions based on high grades, English test.Tuition fees: €8,000-€12,000/year. Scholarships available.
Natural Sciences Degrees in biology, physics, chemistry, geography, and multidisciplinary sciences. Research focused. University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, University of Jyväskylä Admissions based on grades, English test, and interviews sometimes.Tuition fees: €10,000-€15,000/year. Scholarships available.
Mathematics and Statistics Pursue pure and applied mathematics. Also degrees in statistics. Quantitatively rigorous. Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Oulu Competitive admissions based on mathematics grades, exam, and English proficiency.Tuition fees: €10,000-€15,000/year. Scholarships available.
Social Sciences Study psychology, sociology, political science, cultural studies, economics, and media studies. University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, University of Jyväskylä Admissions based on grades, English test, motivation letter.Tuition fees: €10,000-€15,000/year. Scholarships available.
Art and Design Degrees in fine arts, photography, graphic design, fashion, furniture, and more. Hands-on programs. Aalto University, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University Portfolio, grades, and English proficiency required. Very competitive.Tuition fees: €8,000-€17,000/year. Scholarships available.
Architecture Focus on sustainable architecture and urban planning. Combination of design and engineering. Aalto University, Tampere University, Oulu University of Applied Sciences Admissions based on portfolio, grades, English level, and interview.Tuition fees: €10,000-€17,000/year. Scholarships available.

Application Process for International Students

The application process to study in Finland as an international student is generally straightforward. Here is an overview of the typical application steps:

  • Research Programs and Universities: The first step is to browse degree programs offered in English and identify schools you are interested in. Make sure your grades and academic background meet eligibility requirements.
  • Review Admission Criteria: Each university and program will have specific admissions criteria. This typically includes academic grades, English language scores (IELTS/TOEFL), entrance exams, motivation letters, etc. Check individual requirements.
  • Prepare Application Materials: Give yourself ample time to prepare all documents needed: transcripts, English test results, passport, recommendation letters, portfolio (if required). Double check application instructions.
  • Submit Online Application: Universities have online application forms to complete. You will need to input your background, qualifications, program choice, and upload supporting documents. Pay application fee.
  • Check Deadlines: Application deadlines for international degree programs are usually in early January for fall intake. However, some schools have earlier deadlines in September-November.
  • Wait for Decision: Processing time for applications varies by university from 6-12 weeks typically. You will receive an admission decision by email. May get a request for interview or more documents.
  • Apply for Student Residence Permit: Once accepted, apply for your student residence permit to study in Finland. Allow up to 1-3 months processing time.
  • Apply for Visa: Schedule an appointment at your closest Finnish embassy or consulate to obtain your student visa. Have all documentation ready.
  • Plan Finances and Travel: Tuition and living costs in Finland can be covered through scholarships, cost of living loans, personal funds, etc. Book travel to arrive 1-2 weeks before orientation.

Following these steps will ensure you submit a complete application to study in Finland from Nigeria. Be organized and start early!


Finland offers an exceptional quality of education and standard of living for Nigerian students looking to study abroad. With tuition-free education for EU/EEA students and English-taught degree programs, Finnish universities provide affordable and accessible world-class education opportunities.

From prestigious technology degrees at Aalto University to English medical programs at the University of Helsinki, Nigerian students can find top-ranked degree options in Finland matching their academic interests. While the cost of international tuition and living expenses can be high, ample scholarship opportunities exist to help finance studies.

By researching programs, applying early, and securing funding, Nigerian students can fulfill their potential at one of Finland’s esteemed universities. The student experience in Finland promises academic excellence, invaluable international networks, and wonderful new experiences.


Q: What are the education requirements to study in Finland?

  • Undergraduate: 12+ years of primary and secondary schooling with good grades. WAEC/NECO certificates.
  • Graduate: Minimum bachelor’s degree in a related field with 2:1 grade or higher.

Q: What English language test scores are required?

  • Most universities accept IELTS or TOEFL. Minimum IELTS score is 6.0-6.5 for undergrads and 6.5-7.0 for graduates.

Q: How much does it cost to study in Finland?

  • Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students are €10,000-€18,000 per year. Living costs average €800-€1200 monthly.

Q: How do I get a student visa to study in Finland?

  • Once accepted to a Finnish university, apply at your closest Finnish embassy or consulate for a residence permit visa.

Q: Can I work while studying in Finland?

  • Yes, students can work up to 25 hours a week with their residence permit. Great way to offset living costs.

Q: What is the cost of living in Finland as a student?

  • Shared student housing: €300-€600/month. Other living expenses like food, transport, and extras total around €500-€700/month.

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